What an Xbox 360 can teach you about Social Recruiting

After downloading the recent Dashboard update, my Xbox had a problem during gameplay. (I’ll stop talking about videogaming right there before you click the close tab.) Suffice to say, that after searching Google for any answers – there were none. Same result on the gaming and Xbox forums. So I reverted to Twitter. After tweeting @xboxsupport with my issue, I waited. This was at 12.15am. Within minutes, I was in conversation with ^MK over the three @xboxsupport accounts that Microsoft run. By 12.45am, ^MK offered a solution. And as you’ll all be relieved to know, I’m sure – it cleared the problem.

Now what does this have to do with Social recruiting? One really simple point. Immediacy. At that witching hour, it felt great to get a response so promptly. Not only that but my opinion of Microsoft changed as quickly has the speedy resolution. It’s something we always try to do for our clients when we run their social recruiting campaigns. Unlike them, we don’t keep to ‘office hours’, we’ll run them all day and into the night – after all, prospective candidates don’t just use social media 9 to 5, so neither should we only try to reach them then.

And as social recruiting isn’t solely about job posting, their questions and queries are asked when they think of them, at any time. In recent campaigns, like @xboxsupport, we’ve averted ‘disaster’ when an ATS system went down. We’ve overcome ‘negativity’ when a system error resulted in offer/rejection emails being delayed. But it’s not just for when there’s a problem. In general, we’ve always believed in prompt replies to any messages. Candidates really do appreciate it. And we all know what that can mean for an employer’s reputation.

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