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The third in our week of blogs about all aspects of recruitment as demonstrated by our nominations at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010:

Zizzi ristorantes are run the Italian way – passionate and homely with a little flair. Each one’s a bit different – think Robert De Niro with a regional accent. They now have over 100 restaurants nationwide and employ over 3000 people.

Historically, like many in hospitality, Zizzi had relied heavily on Recruitment agencies. They needed, and were in position to capitalise on, much more direct recruiting. It was the ideal opportunity to create an employer brand that, in harmony with the Zizzi consumer brand, stood out effectively in the competitive hospitality recruitment market.

Working closely with HR, Operations and Marketing, together with much research among the people of Zizzi, we created the employer brand strategy of ‘You’re behind our success’.

Zizzi Invite

Simplistic, you may say. But that is truly the case here. The marketing strategy was built around Zizzi people make the difference in the restaurant and to the customers. So naturallly, we wanted everyone attracted to the organisation to feel that they are unique and part of the Zizzi family. That they are working in their own business/restaurant. That their passion and ability are responsible for their (and Zizzi’s) success – whether as a Manager, serving as a Team Member, working in Head Office or cooking in the kitchen.

The creative reflects this – building on the personal ‘dreams’ that are the foundation of your success in life. ‘Personal’ photos and thoughts are built into the campaign. As is a Ready-Steady-Go message, using colour and approaches to build excitement as candidates travel through the recruitment journey.


After just 12 months from having no real ‘identity’ in the recruitment marketplace, here are some of the results from the Employer Brand:
– Staff Turnover has decreased dramatically
– Candidates pro actively approaching Zizzi
– Attracted higher calibre of candidates applying
– Massively reduced dependency on recruitment agencies
– Lower drop out rates at assessment days and interviews
– Large reduction in the amount of offers declined
– Employer reputation has increased through heightened awareness

Let’s hope we get such a good result in Best Employer Brand tonight.


  1. STOP PRESS: We did get a result last night – “the winners of the Best Employer Branding are andsome for Zizzi”. Brilliant.

  2. STOP PRESS Part 2: Last night at the Gramia Awards, this won the Diamond Gramia for Best Recruitment. Fantastic.

    (Will it be third time lucky at the Personnel Awards next month too?)

  3. Dacyptohota Said:

    Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

  4. Jamie Iomo Said:

    Good evening

    Awesome post, just want to say thanks for the share

  5. Ashe Said:

    This chain of restaurants stands out as one of the best in the UK, while all of the Zizzi restaurant locations are unique in appearance and character they are all distinctly part of the same brand. It makes me wonder how every other chain can fail at achieving the same while Zizzi does so with such ease.

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