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The second in our week of blogs about all aspects of recruitment as demonstrated by our nominations at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010:

In 2009, ITV overhauled its approach to Diversity by introducing a new strategy – one all about Talent. It’s main aim – to attract and develop a diverse talent pool. Obviously, Diversity at ITV is essential to generating varied ideas and ensuring programmes are authentic and representative of the ITV viewing audience.

Working closely with ITV, we helped develop a brand and communication strategy that would convey the importance and value of diversity in the search for the best talent for the business.

Externally, the Talent strategy was built through various initiatives and schemes such as the ‘Foundation Placement Scheme’ and ‘Enabling Talent’ which successfully attracted and developed new diverse talent while changing the perception around who works for ITV – which is built around industry legacy and onscreen portrayal.


Internally, ‘Talent Champions’ were recruited from all areas of the business to act as ambassadors for ITV – both internally and externally. Each one championed a specific equality strand to raise diversity awareness and promote ITV’s activities externally. All to help ITV attract new recruits from the whole spectrum of diverse backgrounds.

Creatively, the challenge was to avoid using the ‘usual’ diversity clichés and tokenistic ‘equal opportunities’ approaches that most organisations deem appropriate. The communications had to be ‘real’ and believable – to both potential candidates and existing employees.

ITV Diversity ad

Since the strategy was launched there has been a significant rise in the number of applicants with disabilities and more disclosure around sexual orientation from applicants. While internally, the strategy as created an environment of opportunity – all around finding and developing the best talent rather than ‘diversity’ being just a corporate responsibility.

And that’s why we’re hoping for a good reaction in the Diversity Award category tomorrow night.

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