We are 12 (and how Recruitment Comms have changed)

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Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday dear andsome (nee and advertising), Happy Birthday to you.

Yes, it’s been 12 years since the two of us (Manda and Mark) set up the business in a small, serviced office overlooking the Thames with a PC, a Mac, a scanner, a printer and one recruitment consultancy as a client.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed working with some wonderful people (and some not so great), won the odd 60+ awards or so and, most importantly, produced some very nice (as Manda would say) work that’s…worked.

So here in honour of our becoming 12, are twelve factors that have changed in Recruitment over those years (in no particular order):

Social Media

Nuff said. (To quote Marvel Comics.)


First it was just digital departments in Recruitment Ad agencies. Now it is the agency in many cases. Slightly blinkered outlook in our opinion.


Proving  to be more of an influence on the business – but only by those brave enough to be counted and champion recruitment creativity in all its forms (and not just by its agencies).

Employer Branding

Came and went. Came again. And is still struggling to be understood in some quarters it seems. (Another blog to come on that later.)


The borderstyle job ad. Ubiquitous in 98 now dead in 2010 (finally). Struggling due to below.


Made everyone (clients and agencies) rethink what should have been re-thought years ago.


See above. Not everyone liked the affects. See below.


Many have gone. A few have been born. Unfortunately Dinosaur-thinking still leads the many.


A dying art. Many bemoan the first on this list as the main reason. We see all aspects as part of the challenge.

Candidate Experience

Increased in importance. For clients it always was. For agencies it’s a valuable income area. We’ve always seen it as common sense.


Having introduced this category into the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards a few years ago, we blame ourselves. Now every industry-first is seen as innovation – whether it’s relevant or not, effective or not. That’s not quite what we had in mind.


The world now moves faster. But creating effective strategies and campaigns hasn’t. They still need the time to be developed fully in our opinion.

Feel free to add more below.


  1. thehrd Said:

    A very happy birthday to you!

    • Thank you. You also win the prize for the fastest comment ever – what was it less than 60 seconds of posting?

      • thehrd Said:

        …..I don’t mess around!

  2. Alex Hens Said:

    so you’re the b**tards responsible for the “innovation” category that saw a lame dancing peperami on you tube (seen by no more than numbers counted in the 10s (outside of our industry)) getting creative accolade (or was that just the RADs?). Either way you’re right to be blame yourselves!!!


    Only joking (not about the peperami – that was the least worthy winner of a creative award ever IMHO). Happy birthday and well done you for keeping creativity and integrity at the core of building a successful and long standing business. Let’s hear it for Andsome: hip hip – horrayyyyy.


  3. End to End common sense – it’s not just about the hire these days, it’s about how employers communicate with their current (and past) employees, and as per ‘recession’ it’s about positive communications, in financially difficult times. Something that wise agencies can help with.

    Happy birthday

  4. Esther O'Halloran Said:

    And so innovation and creativity keeps you guys ahead of the game always….
    And so I suggest you keep going, doing what you do brilliantly 9especially for us)
    Happy Birthday make sure you open a really rather large bottle of fizz to celebrate too

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