Is website design becoming boring?

jack out of box

That made you stop. Then think “no way” didn’t it? But, how many sites nowadays look like a blogsite even though they’re not? When the internet was in its infancy everyone experimented. The good, the bad and the ugly. Designers and developers played with the media. Nowadays it’s all about compliance and compatability…oh and ticking the right boxes with content. Did I mention boxes? Or Grids. Squared up images. Whitespace. Comment boxes. And social media links.

It feels like everyone plays safe while trying to capture that Web 2.0 (is it still known as that?) vibe. Safety in numbers – if XYZ are doing it like that, then so must we.

Why? As a company, any type of organisation, what’s happened to your personality and differentiators? Do you act like your competitors? Have identical values and similar approach to business? Employ the same type of people? Then why do your sites all start to look the same?

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  1. Nowadays a lot of the templates look the same, it’s why people are reverting to flash design a lot more.

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