Does ‘auto-updating’ make Twitter less interesting?

You must all have them. People you follow who nowadays just constantly ‘auto-tweet’ where they are and/or what they’re up to. From telling everyone they’re a regular at somewhere via to bragging about their videogaming abilities from or

Do we honestly want to know every move you make? (There’s a song in that line I think.) And will we always care how many trophies you’ve won today on the PS3 while we’re still in the office?

Personally I don’t. Many see it as the future. But remember how people used to talk about Friends Reunited in that way too. Or will it be more like Chatroulette? An initial clamour to see what all the fuss is about for a short while, then metaphorically press ‘Next’ and move on.

And if you ever see @andsomepeople or @andsomegamers starting the same, feel free to click Unfollow. I won’t blame you.

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  1. Alex Hens Said:

    With you on that.

    I also think that what will kill foursquare is that which has helped it take off – namely the competitive game element. it’s great early on in the life cycle for sure. It gets early adopters and geeks hot under the collar to be a recognised first or a winner or a “mayor” of something – hell, it’s human nature (particularly for blokes I’d argue). But if you’re late coming to the party then you’d have to think “well what’s the point. I’m never going to win this. It’s a closed club where I’ll always look like the guy who got into it late due to my poor “log-ins”. Forget that for a game of geo-locational soldiers”.

    Now don’t get me wrong – I think that a lot of what foursquare can offer by way of geo-targetting information and the like is very very powerful, but surely as soon as facebook or google do something similar (or buy someone similar) and smoothly integrate it within one of your everyday applications then you’ll just use that as default and becoming a badge brandishing show off like some overly keen virtual boyscout will become, well, passe.

    Alex – from his lounge where he is lord and master
    (after the wife, kids, dog & cat – unless it’s late, which it is, in which case I RULE KO!)

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