What DIY recruitment comms do to your Employer Brand

Be it an A4 laser-printed poster straight off a PC, a paper set ad in the local press where the only existance of your brand is a web-grabbed pixelated logo or a bullet-pointed job description as a listing on a Job Board – the result tends to be the same. No ‘sell’ of the company as an employer. No differential of the culture or values. No ‘de-selection’ of inappropriate candidates. But definitely, the impression that as an organisation you’re not interested in the right fit of employee – only that you’ve a vacancy to fill.

In the short-term, this cost saving approach means you will probably find someone who can do the job. But in the long-term? The business that is overflowing with ‘bums that filled seats’ will lose its differentiators. The culture (if it had one to begin with) will be eroded by the ‘wrong’ type of employees. Any ability to attract the best people will become severely handicapped. And ultimately, the result of all this will be a relatively unsuccessful business.

Something worth thinking about the next time a recruiter in HR says “Look why can’t we can do it ourselves and save a few quid in the process.”

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  1. Alconcalcia Said:

    Your thoughts are along the same lines as my most recent blog where I contrast two organisations looking for the same person job title wise, but a very different sort of individual in each instance http://bit.ly/b8zwI7

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