Shouldn’t your Employer Branding have personality?


With the growth of Social Recruiting, is the use of an Employer Brand still the right way forward? Obviously, the answer is yes – as you still need to communicate the differences and benefits of your culture, values and organisation. However should it now really transform into an Employer Personality? After all, we are talking about the use of more and more ‘social’ media nowadays. Where it’s no longer a case of merely ‘advertising’ your virtues as an employer and a business. This is a place for engaging conversation and discussion. Advocating what makes you a better employer and demonstrating why you’re the best choice for the right candidate.

It’s vital that your company personality comes across in everything you do. In 140 characters on Twitter. The links in the career/job section on your website. Any videos and photos on your Facebook pages. How you cross-pollinate the various social media sites that you use to recruit. Total joined up communications. Together they build a whole picture. Gone are the inefficient, old-fashioned recruiting ways – something that we found inexplicable anyway – of the unconnected attraction – application – offer process all supposedly tied together with a psuedo-marketing style Employer Branding strapline tagged onto the end of the communications.

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