Why don’t Recruitment Ad Agencies do ‘Twitter’?


Or Facebook. Or YouTube. Or many places in the world of Social Media? It’s been a subject we’ve obviously noticed and been aware of for a while – especially as we’re successfully involved in recruitment/employer branding ourselves.

Why the reticence? Many have set up Twitter accounts that tweet infrequently. Have they that little to talk about? Are they worried their ‘competitiors’ may use any news to their advantage? Do they not want to connect, share or learn from others? Or is it simply that they’re really unsure how to (or why they should) make the most of it?

Surely as the ‘buzz’ says Social Recruiting (using Social Media for recruitment) is going to be ‘the’ growth area in HR this year and beyond – how can they ‘preach’ what they don’t actually ‘practice’ themselves?

It’s just illogical – like taking swimming lessons from someone who can’t swim.


  1. Recruitment Ad Agencies do twitter – well that is what they tell clients!

    They sell social media strategies, and offer to do twitter campaigns etc etc etc but actually have no knowledge or skills to do it.

    They have been swimming with the sharks for too long! 🙂

  2. Toby Said:

    Because they want to be the surrogate brand; they could only really Twitter ‘on behalf of’ and that gives their client brand space- which fights their business model at a very fundamental level. Social networking and any overt branding activity (apart from useful word of mouth) is the tool of direct Resourcing and will never really be a recruitment agency (as opposed to recruitment Comms Agency) medium beyond bums on seats.

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