Any ol’ MacBook Pros, any ol’ Mac Pros…

OK now creative types, who doesn’t want an iPad? Will you be trading from your MacBook Pro? Or will this be a little essential must-have like the iPhone? Chances are a little of both. And knowing Apple as we all do, if the iPad takes off  they’ll keep on evolving. What chances of a larger screen version? I’d say odds-on. MacBooks already range from 13 to 17 inches after all.

So the new iPad at 10 inches measures in at around A4 size. Ah ha, you’re ahead of me. What odds for an iPad Pro A3? That’s got to be a hot possibility in the future. Then would you really want the old-fashioned tower of a MacBook Pro with a keyboard and mouse? Yes, you can get to use it with a 30 inch cinema display but wait…how about an iPad Pro A2? Ideal for large format graphic work and touch screen presentations. Now your thinking…

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