Social Recruiting or Social Marketing?

Recently restaurant group Giraffe relaunched their website – – to much acclaim and deservedly so. The opening homepage reveals all manner of Social Marketing from the giraffe spouting it’s Twitterfeed to a whole page width of Flickr thumbnails. A Facebook link. Almost everything you’d find in “The Ideal Social Marketing and Website Guidebook”. The whole site seems to perfectly represent and reflect the brand and their values. The colour. The fun. The excitement.  Brilliant, you think. Bet the ‘careers’ section will make the most of Social Recruiting then?

Aaah. When you find and click through the Jobs navigation (hidden amongst Other Stuff header) you discover…the same kind of recruitment pages that most other hospitality/retailers offer. The giraffe doesn’t Tweet on about vacancies or what it’s like there. No photos of fun things like staff parties. No Facebook link. Only the same old, same old. The smiling team photo. The Job Description vacancy copy. And the apply by email link. Shame.

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