Gaming – why somethings haven’t changed

Has it really been 15 years since the launch of the original Playstation? My how things have changed in the world of gaming since then. The graphical leap of games at that point seemed amazing but compare how much it has evolved (and still is) with the latest generation of the Xbox360 and the PS3 today. Where it will go from here is a topic for another andsome blog in the future. Today is about something that hasn’t really changed at all – Game Packaging design.

Apart from the physical constraints of the actual boxes the overall ‘look’ and design of the packaging has remained the same. A surprise considering how much the content has developed. Look at the two Tekken covers – over a decade separates their origins yet they are basically identical in feel. Sure we all know that a ‘brand’ must be consistent but no change/developement in design or style? Worse still are the sporting franchises of EA – FIFA and Madden for example, apart from a number change and the latest ‘star’ face can you tell the difference in the last 5 years? Doubtful. And why couldn’t they experiment and evolve them? They’ll sell like hot cakes anyway so there is no need for such over familiarity to continue their sales success.

Book publishers don’t do this, so why do the videogame ones? How many reprints have there been of the Dan Brown Novels? Each time they’re given different cover designs to attract new readers – not just re-issued with the same old one. Surely it’s the same principle for games – with the casual market continuing to grow – surely it’s time to change.


  1. I don’t play many games any more but in my very humble opinion, the Abe’s Odyssey trilogy of games will be hard to beat however long time goes on. On the subject of bringing out virtually the same game, I have a 7 year old son who wants every new edition of the FIFA footie game. Is 10 different to 09? Not much, no. Such is life. its like football clubs slightly changing their strip every year and charging kids £45 for it if they want their name on the back. i.e. a rip off, but that’s the commercial world we live in.

  2. Humie1987 Said:

    As mentioned on Twitter I think FInal Fantasy cases show similaritys in a few but they have evolved from there first few released on the PS. now they contain some full game images, different characters etc. What more can you do with a game case? That’s the question I think needs answering

    • That’s like saying what more can you do with a CD cover? Answer is plenty – unless you want to follow the crowd and look the ‘same’.
      For instance, when did we last see a minimal design on a game cover apart from the odd Special Edition/Collectors Item ones?

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